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Frequently Asked Questions

Office Hours
Contacting the Doctor
Medication Refills
Fees and Payment
Cancellation Policy

Office Hours

Dr. Longson is available Monday through Friday and keeps flexible hours in order to accommodate her clients’ busy schedules. When you telephone to make an appointment, we will work together to find a time that fits into your schedule. Premium office hours (weekends, evenings, and some holidays) can be arranged as well as concierge service (treatment provided in the convenience of your home or office) - please inquire when you telephone Dr. Longson.

Contacting the Doctor

The best way to contact Dr. Longson is via telephone at (201) 397-2067.
If she is in the office and not with a client, she will answer the phone in person. Otherwise, please leave a message. Dr. Longson generally checks messages daily when out of the office, but if the matter is not urgent she may not return your call until back at the office.

Telephone contact is limited to scheduling appointments or brief discussions regarding medication refills. If issues arise that require a lengthier discussion, it is preferable that we arrange for a session in the office.

Email is also a very efficient way to reach Dr. Longson for routine matters such as scheduling appointments and requesting medication refills. Her email address is audreylongson@totalwellnesspsychiatry.com.

You may also access email and send messages via the Contact page. Please consider that email may have a lower level of privacy than the telephone; if you choose to use email, please do not use it to communicate about sensitive clinical matters.

Medication Refills

It is our shared responsibility to ensure that you do not run out of your medications between appointments. It is safest and most efficient for Dr. Longson to provide you with new prescriptions when you are at the office in person, so please check on your supply of medication (and refills) prior to our office visits.

If you are running low on medication between visits, please contact Dr. Longson at least five days before you run out. This ensures enough time to access your file, call in your prescription, and sort out any issues that might arise. As Dr. Longson will sometimes be out of the office when she receives your refill request, you can help ensure that your prescription is filled quickly if you leave all of the following information in your message:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your pharmacy phone #
  • Your phone #
  • The full medication name (e.g., Effexor XR, Ambien CR)
  • The medication strength (e.g., 1mg, 20mg)
  • The exact way you take the medication (e.g., "one-half tablet in the morning and two tablets at night.")
If you do not leave all of this information, Dr. Longson will not be able to call in your prescription until back at the office with access to your file, which may mean a delay of several days for your refill request.


As a private solo practitioner, Dr. Longson does not provide continuous "crisis management" services. If you anticipate (or have had a history of) needing frequent crisis services, you may be better served by working with an agency that can provide more comprehensive coverage from a variety of practitioners; this is something we can discuss during your initial visit.

However, the doctor does strive to be available to established clients whenever there is an urgent situation, and you may contact Dr. Longson if a crisis should arise. Please take the following steps in case of an emergency:

During usual office hours (M-F, 9-5), telephone the office at (201) 397-2067. If Dr. Longson does not answer, leave a brief message stating that you have an urgent problem. If this method is unsuccessful in reaching the doctor within the time frame needed and/or you are in a hazardous situation (hazardous to self or others), please do one or more of the following immediately:

If you are in Bergen County NJ, call the Bergen County Crisis line at (201) 262-4357

If you are outside of Bergen County NJ and wish to find crisis support for your area within NJ go to http://www.nj.gov/humanservices/dmhs/services/centers/

If you are in NYC, call 1-800-LifeNet

If you are outside of NYC and wish to find crisis support for your area within NY go to http://www.omh.ny.gov/omhweb/speak/speakcrisisnumbers.asp

As always, if you or someone you know is in imminent danger of hurting themselves or someone else, call 911.

The National Crisis Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) is available from anywhere in the country at any time, day or night.

Remember, having strong thoughts or impulses to harm yourself (or others) IS a medical emergency; in such a situation it is completely appropriate to contact 911 or seek help immediately at your nearest emergency room. The personnel there will be able to get you help you need.


Privacy is a critical component of all mental health care. Confidence in your psychiatrist’s ability to protect your privacy is essential for comfortable and effective treatment. Dr. Longson guarantees her clients the highest level of privacy protection. At larger clinics or agencies your personal information may be seen by receptionists, administrative assistants, dictation typists, billing clerks, etc. This is not the case at Total Wellness Psychiatry. Dr. Longson is the only person with access to your file. As a rule, unless you provide specific authorization, your information will not be released to anyone.

For details, including emergency exceptions to confidentiality, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Details on HIPAA privacy rules, protections and guidelines are available at the following locations:


Total Wellness Psychiatry operates on a fee-for service basis only. This means that your fee for each meeting will be due at the time of your session. In certain circumstances we can arrange a billing situation (for example, if another person will be paying for your treatment.) Payment methods accepted include personal checks, cash or credit card. Please note, credit cards will incur a 3% surcharge.


The fees for this psychiatric practice are moderate by Northern NJ/New York City standards. Remember, your insurance company will likely reimburse the majority of these fees.

  • Initial Evaluation, 60 - 90 minutes: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Follow-up, 45 - 60 minutes: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Follow-up, 20 - 30 minutes: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Telephone calls: No fee for brief calls. In the rare situation that a client cannot make it into the office and requires a telephone session, calls ›10 minutes will be pro-rated at hourly rate.
  • Evening/Weekend/Holiday/Concierge (office visits): Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
Fees for the aforementioned services are based upon either:
1) Your insurance company's allowance for out of network benefits or
2) A sliding scale, if you are currently uninsured/underinsured.

Other Services
  • Writing of reports, letters, etc.: $150/hr, to be paid in advance
  • Supervision of mid level providers (psychiatric nurse practitioners, etc.): Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Legal services: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Independent Medical Exams: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
  • Bariatric Surgery Evaluations: Please contact Dr. Longson to discuss fees.
Suboxone treatment fees: Please refer to the Suboxone page.

Please note: Fees are subject to change. However, any fee changes will be discussed with all established clients in advance, where applicable.


Total Wellness Psychiatry does not participate directly in any insurance networks or HMO panels. Involving insurance companies in mental health care can compromise the quality of care and client privacy. Dr. Longson will provide you with a detailed service receipt at the end of each meeting, upon request. Many clients are able to obtain substantial reimbursement for services rendered by submitting these receipts to their insurance companies. Many clients also now have insurance coverage with high annual deductibles or healthcare savings accounts (HSA); payments for Dr. Longson’s services may help count towards your deductible or be reimbursable to you from your HSA. You are advised to contact your insurance company to inquire about these matters prior to beginning treatment with Dr. Longson.

Cancellation Policy

When you make an appointment with Dr. Longson, the time is reserved exclusively for you. Barring emergencies, you will be seen at our scheduled time. Dr. Longson respects your time and does not double-book or over-book her schedule.

Because of this, Dr. Longson’s policy is that you provide as much notice as possible should you need to cancel or change an appointment, by telephoning (201) 397-2067.

Please note, your insurance company will not reimburse you for fees accrued as a result of missed appointments or late cancellations.

Cancellation 24 hours or more before appointment: No Charge
Cancellation less than 24 hours before appointment: $100
Cancellation without notice (no-show): Full scheduled appointment fee due

The cancellation fee must be paid prior to our proceeding with treatment.
Please note: Fees are subject to change.